How To Use TikTok To Drive Traffic To Your Website

February 15, 2023 by No Comments

TikTok, which now has over 800 million users, could be the new “route to purchase” opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Find out the 5 most effective ways to promote your brand on TikTok and increase your business’s exposure and sales.

Insights for Businesses Considering Using TikTok to Promote Their Products

Teenage dance videos and lip sync performances may have made TikTok famous.

However, things are shifting on the platform, and the demographic makeup of its users has changed significantly over the past six months.

Millennials are increasingly represented among TikTok’s user base. Because of the large percentage of its user base (over 24%) in the prime spending years of 25-34, TikTok has become an increasingly appealing platform for brands and businesses.

Users aged 18–24, who had previously dominated TikTok, decreased by more than 5%.

There is no denying the meteoric rise of TikTok in recent years.

TikTok has over 87M downloads worldwide as of June 2020, making it the most downloaded non-gaming app for 2 consecutive months and showing an increase of almost 53% from the previous year.

TikTok’s expanding audience has encouraged more forms of media to be shared on the app, giving businesses more room to experiment with original, contextual content.

TikTok videos have expanded from just dance trends to nearly every other genre. A new wave of informative content covering timely topics and social issues has joined the ranks of the ubiquitous beauty and home improvement tutorials, hacks, and fitness videos.

Here Are Five Ways to Use TikTok to Boost Your Business

If you want more people to visit your website and buy your products, you need to give some serious thought to how you can use TikTok in your marketing strategy.

The bright side is that there are numerous opportunities to benefit from TikTok’s large and active user base.

As a matter of fact, many forward-thinking brands on TikTok are already reaping the benefits, often with minimal investment.

TikTok Traffic Generation Tip #1: Include a Link in Your Bio

For brands looking to increase engagement and conversions, the clickable link in your TikTok bio is a priceless asset.
But at the moment, only a select few TikTok accounts are able to automatically benefit from the TikTok link in bio.

After selecting “Edit Profile,” some users of TikTok may find the “Website” field.

There is a way to bypass the normal channels, thankfully. Get involved with the TikTok Testers programme today. This is the procedure:

  • Activate your TikTok profile.
  • In the upper right, you’ll see a menu; select it by tapping the three dots.
  • Choose “Join TikTok Testers” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the App Store, search for “TestFlight” and install it.
  • Download the latest version of TikTok by clicking the “Start Testing” button.
  • Bring up your TikTok account once more.
  • Select the profile editing link.
  • Copy and paste your link into the “Website” field.

Another way to increase your views on TikTok is to link your accounts.

Connecting your other social media profiles on TikTok is the quickest and easiest way to start generating attention for your content.

Currently, you can share instant access to your Instagram and YouTube channels.

Select “Edit Profile” on your TikTok profile page to link your accounts.

Third, revise your content strategy to maximise the impact of your TikTok efforts

In order to increase brand recognition on the video-centric platform, it is essential to incorporate your products into your content strategy.

TikTok Ads are the fourth best way to get people to visit your channel

Businesses looking to increase app downloads and purchases should prioritise purchasing TikTok Ads because they are the only way to add a clickable button to your videos on the platform.

With a well-placed call-to-action in your TikTok video, you can direct viewers to your online store, mobile app, or website.

In addition, TikTok Ads ensure that people will see your videos, whereas organic video promotion is more hit-or-miss.

TikTok traffic-driving step five: collaborate with content creators and influencers

Brand awareness and sales can be boosted by forming partnerships with content creators and influencers on TikTok.
To be successful in any partnership, however, both parties must know what they hope to accomplish and look for the right ambassadors to help them get there.

Think about the overlap between their followers and yours, as well as the credibility of their potential endorsement of your brand.

So when they talk about your brand on TikTok, it will be from a genuine place, and people will be more likely to take their advice.

Sixth on our list of TikTok traffic generators: Streaming live

If you have more than 1,000 TikTok followers, you should investigate the promotional possibilities of TikTok LIVE.

In order to build brand affinity and trust on any platform, going live on TikTok is a fantastic way to connect with your audience in a genuine and personal way.

As “Top LIVEs” appear at the very top of a user’s Inbox feed, hosting a TikTok LIVE can also help increase your discoverability on the platform.

Using creative approaches to video content creation is one of the most successful ways to use TikTok for commercial purposes.

You may find great success on TikTok if you combine your offerings with an engaging concept.