TikTok Marketing Strategy For Brands

February 13, 2023 by No Comments

When you consider that TikTok has over a billion monthly users, you can see why it’s a top choice for any and all marketers. We’ve got you covered if your company needs ideas for winning over the hearts and minds of the TikTok community.

Here are 7 case studies and ideas from established brands that have successfully leveraged TikTok to increase brand awareness and advance their own objectives. For each, we’ll examine the finer points in detail.

Cirque du Soleil for entertainment and behind-the-scenes footage GoPro for user-created content
Exciting tales – The Washington Post
Duolingo’s Employee Takeovers
Ryanair’s Openness to the Public and Kubbco’s Proven Agency Track Record
Adopting a Multi-Channel Approach to Marketing: A Case Study from Food52
The time has come to get our TikTok on!

First Concept: Fun and Backstage

A performance by the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil
TikTok is the best social media app ever made. In order to increase interaction with your brand, you can do anything from hosting dance-offs to hosting hashtag contests.

In order to effectively market on TikTok, you must first gain an intimate understanding of your target audience’s motivations and habits, and then creatively align those with the platform’s features.

Below are some examples of how the artists of Cirque du Soleil have turned their talents to creating breathtaking TikTok videos, which are sure to serve as an inspiration.

One of Cirque du Soleil’s main goals is to provide a fun and engaging experience for their audience while also revealing the real people behind the scenes.

As a result of broadcasting live videos and getting promoted via a Discovery Banner, their audience size and interest in their videos grew.

Second Concept: GoPro and User-Generated Content

For maximum impact on social media, you should encourage your community to act as brand advocates. TikTok’s user-created videos are some of the platform’s most authentic and popular content types.

GoPro’s cross-channel strategy includes reposting engaging user-generated content from TikTok, where it has found a receptive audience.

Third Concept: The Power of Creative Storytelling – The Washington Post

The Washington Post’s TikTok coverage of news stories was a game-changer. Every company can learn from their imaginative storytelling as they seek out their own voice and identity on this platform.

Think about who you’re talking to on TikTok and what you want to say, then let your imagination run wild as you tell your company’s story.

Concept 4: Company takeovers, as seen on Duolingo

It’s not easy to let go of brand control on TikTok, but when employees seize the platform for themselves, the results can be impressive. By taking this risk, Duolingo established itself as a unique and genuine business.

As a first step, Duolingo tried out various forms of content to see what its users responded to best. Next, the Duolingo team made original and engaging TikTok videos, and now they’ve taken the bold step of adapting viral songs to promote their app. As an example of idea number five, “brand transparency,” let’s look at how Ryanair uses TikTok to address customer complaints. Since this promoted brand openness, it appealed to the transparency-seeking Generation Z and Millennial consumer base.

This is how Ryanair’s customer service, both good and bad, was exposed on the video sharing platform TikTok.

Concept No. 6: Kubbco, an Agency

Here are some suggestions for agencies that regularly represent brands on social media and are looking to expand presence on TikTok.

Followers of Kubbco are given a peek inside the company’s “creative kitchen,” where the company’s content is conceived and developed. They show the agency’s culture and the energy of the staff in a light and humorous way.

Attempt No. 7: Food52’s Cross-Channel Advertising

Food52 is a master of repurposing content, a technique beloved by social media managers. They repurpose the videos they make for TikTok on other platforms, such as Instagram Reels.

They use a brief preview of recipes to grab followers’ attention on TikTok, then direct them to their website via a bio link to convert them into leads.
I think we can safely say that we have reached the end of this discussion.

Do you feel prepared to make magic on TikTok? Maintain your credibility, focus on the brand, and receptiveness to community input.

A Few Closing Remarks

Here is a complete breakdown of TikTok’s statistics, including the fact that it is available in more than 150 countries, has more than 1 billion users, has more than 2 billion downloads, and has more than 130 million active users in the United States alone. Your brand needs a TikTok strategy if its demographic consists of users between the ages of 13 and 60. Vertical video content is the future of marketing, and there’s no better time to start investing in it than right now. Share it on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok! Recently, TikTok added the option to include links and shopping URLs in your profile and videos.