TikTok Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide For Your Brands To Know In 2021

On the TikTok platform, marketing works perfectly for the business and brands. TikTok audiences are more than 800 million monthly active users. On average, TikTok’s regular view time is about 52 minutes. 

TikTok works not only for teens but also suits every age group. Users of all age groups are signing up on the TikTok platform. As well, TikTok has got some influencers, publishers, celebrities, and household brands. 

You can identify everything you need to understand about TikTok. A detailed explanation of the beginner’s marketing guide for TikTok content is below.  

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform that attracts Gen Z users. On this platform, you can make viral dance trends, lip-syncing, and challenge videos. 

For millennials, TikTok is the perfect comeback after Vine. Several of TikTok’s famous content creators, like Zach King, have 42M TikTok followers. 

Going back to 2020, TikTok went sky-high not only among teenagers but also with every age range. TikTok is simple to use for creating entertaining videos that reach viral overnight. 

As the Sensor Tower report– In January 2020, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world. 

Is TikTok Valuable For Brands?

TikTok is experiencing rapid growth right now. This means there’s a massive audience to check for fast-moving brands. 

Brands that have started earlier with TikTok have gained huge brand awareness. Publishers like The Washington Post have got a massive following of 400K+ within a year. It increased the reach to new, global, and younger groups of audiences. 

TikTok ads is a proven marketing method for several brands. For example, Guess uses TikTok to enhance its Fall 18 Denim Fit collection. It also motivates the TikTok community to wear Guess denim with the soundtrack. 

Make Effective TikTok Content

Unlike other social media networks, TikTok has got a massive trend in culture. TikTok content needs to be an original and creative video that can perform well. The top-performing TikTok content can be simple to recreate with huge followers. Or even recreate with existing content.

For example, #toosieslide received 2.2 million TikTok videos for Drake’s Toosie Slide song. Star celebrities like Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber got over 4.3 billion views and numbers. 

TikTok trends are dance performances and viral trends. Some of the TikTok trends are lip-syncing, beauty and fashion, fitness workouts. Most often, general and fun video content becomes successful on TikTok. 

TikTok Ads 

When advertising on TikTok, there are several ad formats for brands and businesses from the below list :

  1. TopView 
  2. In-feed Ads
  3. Branded Takeover
  4. Hashtag challenge

TikTok’s in-feed ads have got an evident label of sponsored when they appear on the For You page. A new pop-up and clickable call-to-action(CTA) like Download now, Learn more, or Shop Now.

Brands and product services are using TikTok hashtags to maximize TikTok likes to expose the products. Also, it helps your video reach and promotes recent releases. In fact, brands are receiving better outcomes of return on investment(ROI).

Levi’s has reportedly checked higher engagement and improved traffic for its website. Along with doubled product views using TikTok’s Shop Now option.  

TikTok on Influencers 

Several brands are using TikTok’s star influencer to help their ad campaign. Influencer helps in reaching millions of users. Some brands started to work with their TikTok influencer marketing methods. 

TikTok identifies influencer marketing as a key for the brands to do business. TikTok recently started a Creator Marketplace. This is a perfect platform for brand and creator collaborations. Also, the creator partners promote using in-feed ads for more visibility. 

Creator Marketplace lets brands find content creator partners depending on real performance. TikTok is also helping to manage campaigns.