How To Use Viral TikTok Hashtags For Skyrocketing Your Brand

February 23, 2023 by No Comments

To go viral on TikTok, you need to find the top 10 hashtags. Just pasting the top 10 TikTok hashtags can increase your video’s exposure and the number of people who choose to follow you.

Most Popular Hashtags On TikTok

Just before you start using the top 10 TikTok hashtags to make your videos popular and gain more views, I want to bring to your attention something you may have been ignoring up until now…

TikTok is not beneficial to your company.

  • The app TikTok is a “money extraction” machine. They intend to make a profit off of you.
  • The TikTok algorithm is set up to reduce your organic reach on purpose, forcing you to invest in costly advertising to get your content in front of your fans. That’s why (if you’re lucky) only 2% of your followers will see your updates.
  • You will never be able to control your TikTok audience no matter how hard you try.
  • TikTok followers are not transferable to a customer relationship management system.
  • TikTok advertising is driving up the price of acquiring new customers.
  • The Answer

Here’s some marketing strategy training I can provide:

  • The price of acquiring new customers is decreased.
  • Reduce how much you rely on paid media.
  • Create a marketing machine from scratch using only your own marketing assets and networks.
  • Create an effective digital marketing and social media strategy that will increase revenue and customer lifetime value.


Some of our top AI helpers found the most popular hashtags on TikTok to use for becoming viral.

Just a friendly reminder that many of the most well-known brands on TikTok are also making use of the most famous trending hashtags.

7. Hashtag: comedy

The #comedy hashtag serves the same purpose as #humour in that it will expose your video to all of the TikTok users that are interested in #funny entertainment. Using the hashtag #comedy on TikTok might increase your video’s exposure and the number of hearts you receive.

6. #funny

Using the #funny hashtag on TikTok will enhance your video’s chances of going viral, and you don’t even need to be a professional comic. We’ve all seen videos on TikTok that were both really amusing and incredibly idiotic, and yet they somehow managed to amass millions of views.

5. #duet

Some of TikTok’s 25 most followed users in the globe use the #duet hashtag to increase their chances of going viral with a video they posted. Like Spencer X (up above) and Khaby Lame (below).

4) #intheknow

Three and a half billion plus views

Individuals are often curious about the latest trends and whether or not they are missing out. There’s no doubt that the #trending hashtag is a common way for top producers on TikTok to get their videos seen by more people and gain more likes.

3) #tiktok

The number of views has surpassed 4.5 trillion.

Let me tell you something before you get too excited about the possibility of your video going viral by using the #tiktok hashtag:

The business models of every major social media network are highly complex “money extraction” mechanisms.

Once you’ve built up a respectable amount of organic views, TikTok will intentionally reduce your views and force you to pay to go back to where you were before.

Spending a lot of money (boosting Instagram posts) is now required even by the fastest-growing companies if they want to reach their dedicated TikTok fans. While some advertisers may feel this is unethical, TikTok has the authority to alter the parameters of their algorithm at any time.

2: #viral

13+ trillion views

Zach King, a famous American entertainer, magician, and internet sensation, has the most-viewed video on TikTok of all time. There have been over 2 billion views of his “Harry Potter illusion” video.

1. #fyp

There have been more than 36 trillion views.

The most effective TikTok hashtag for fame is #fyp.
Get more views, likes, and followers on TikTok by using the hashtag #fyp.

TikTok superstar Bella Poarch is no stranger to using the hashtag “#fyp” to boost the popularity of her videos.


At the time of its 2016 release, TikTok presented exceptional possibilities for the viral spread of promotional content. With over a billion users, TikTok was a fantastic social media platform for expanding one’s fan base. Ads on TikTok are expensive, but they’re necessary to reach your existing audience and expand your fan base.
Learning the top TikTok hashtags is only the beginning. If you’re looking for “less competitive” hashtags, you may also want to read our post titled “The most trending TikTok hashtags right now.”
From its outset, TikTok was a fantastic platform for kicking off social media trends via the utilisation of already established hashtags. In order to boost their brand’s worth and sales, however, modern marketers need to be astute as possible on social media.
To convince advertisers that TikTok is effective in driving sales, the platform actively promotes hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt (1 billion views). The question is, how often do things featured on TikTok go viral, causing sales to skyrocket? This is a topic that hundreds of marketers are seeking an answer to, not just those working for the most well-known fashion or sports companies, but also those for more niche companies offering more accessible and/or novel items.
You and your marketing team may gain information into what kinds of content resonates with Tiktok users by analysing the hashtags that are currently trending. With the addition of just one or two trending hashtags, your TikTok videos will be exposed to new potential customers.
By increasing the likelihood that your post will appear in the “For You” feed, where most users spend their time, you can enhance the likelihood that your films will go viral on TikTok.