TikTok Challenges To Grow Your Brand

February 21, 2023 by No Comments

Completely unfamiliar with the notion of TikTok challenges?

A lot of the most watched videos on TikTok are challenges. TikTok creators are always up for a challenge, whether it is a dance-off or a make-up hack.

TikTok’s #OldTownRoadChallenge and #GuacDance, created by Chipotle, each have over a billion views.

TikTok hashtags are in high demand since they are ideal for raising brand awareness and motivating fantastic user-generated content.

Of course, enthusiasm for a test doesn’t just appear out of thin air.

We’ll explain which kind of TikTok challenges are successful and how marketers may use them to their advantage below.

TikTok challenges are what exactly?

On TikTok, “challenges” are campaigns (or trends) that encourage users to make films based on completing a given task. Some examples of such activities are:

  • Exhibiting a Capability
  • Sharing your experience with a product (for example, achieving a certain look with a beauty product)
  • Including a Screening Device
  • Putting on a show, such as a dance or a comedy
  • Using a custom-made TikTok sound while lip-syncing

The use of hashtags helps bring attention to these movements and the material that is produced in response to them. Not all TikTok challenges are created equally; while others, like the #OldTownRoadChallenge, are completely unscripted, others, like the #GuacDance, are essentially commercial promos.

If you had to guess, what are some instances of trending hashtag challenges on TikTok?

These are some examples of successful TikTok challenge campaigns that demonstrate the format and user response that challenges can generate:

The initiative, which encouraged users to post videos of themselves wearing denim, had over 5,500 submissions and 10 million total views in its initial run.
The wet n’ wild #BiggerIsBetter challenge was a product launch that went viral thanks to the brand’s custom TikTok sound.
With Scotts #DoTheScottsSlide, designers were challenged to perform a dance routine on their front lawns in exchange for sweepstakes entries. In just 48 hours, 1.3 million user-created videos and 2 billion video views were generated in response to this branded hashtag challenge.

what are the most common kind of TikTok challenges?

Let’s take a quick look at the wide variety of challenges available on TikTok and how they vary.

When a company sets out to promote itself, it can do so through “branded challenges,” which are essentially marketing contests. These challenges are popularised by businesses and creators alike in an effort to raise brand awareness of the promotion’s hashtag and the challenge’s subject matter.
Challenges issued by the community typically originate from a question or trend that has gone viral on TikTok. None of these problems can be traced down to a single manufacturer.
TikTok’s hashtag challenge commercials are a takeover of the app’s discovery page. These hashtags are reserved for mega-brands and are labelled as “sponsored,” although they otherwise appear natural.

Why should one spread the word about TikTok competitions?

We understand if you’re doubtful about the value of TikTok challenges.

Nonetheless, there is a rationale for the prevalence of challenge hashtags in commercial TikTok content.

Get valuable user-generated content for your brand

How would you like to attract new followers, promote your brand, and collect high-quality user-generated material all at once? The presence of difficulties can trigger this.

That’s because the interaction between you and your audience during a hashtag challenge is as natural as a call and response. Challenges are a great way to get people talking about your company on social media, especially when combined with an incentive (like a contest or a reward for reposting).

Increase exposure for your brand

Competition on TikTok is intense because the site is growing so quickly.

You want as many people as possible to be discussing you. TikTok claims that branded hashtag challenges generate “unparalleled” exposure and participation.

Create a unique tone and identity for your product

TikTok’s younger readership, in comparison to that of competing platforms, has been highlighted in recent social media demographics.

If you want to connect with the millennial and Gen Z generation, you need to talk their talk. The majority of TikTok’s hashtag challenges are lighthearted and humorous, and they don’t come across as overt commercials.

Profit from current TikTok fads

The rapid pace at which content is created and shared on TikTok makes it difficult to stay current on the latest trends.

One of the best ways to interact with the TikTok community is to create content based on what’s popular at the time. The desire of challengers to have their videos go viral while a trend is still current gives rise to a sense of urgency.

TikTok challenges: advice and best practises for brands

Finally, here are some pointers for brands that want to get involved in the TikTok hashtag challenges.

Before attempting something new, see if there isn’t already a challenge that you can ride on.
Take note that the majority of the aforementioned branded hashtags belong to well-known companies.

The possibility of gaining millions of views on a challenge tag is not uncommon, but it is far from typical. You need either a sizable preexisting following or close relationships with influential people to earn that kind of exposure.

Use a trending hashtag to issue a challenge

Your TikTok tag should be succinct yet elegant due to the app’s character restriction.

The #GuacDance and #InMyDenims branded hashtag campaigns are two excellent instances of challenge tags. Highlighting your challenge in your TikTok bio and content strategy will make it hard for users to miss.

Does it make sense for your brand to participate in TikTok challenges?

Challenges are a great way to interact with the TikTok community and increase brand awareness because they showcase the best of what businesses can do on TikTok: create engaging, original video that sparks conversation.

Take the necessary efforts to ensure that the branded hashtag or challenge you launch receives the attention it deserves.