One of the fastest-growing social networks in the world, with 5.5 million active users, is TikTok. The insights that we were getting is valuable. People spend an average of 60 minutes on the social network platform every day, and this new social media platform is growing more relevant and growing bigger by day by day.  TikTok bosts more than 9 billion monthly views for videos, creating a better platform for people – especially for younger peoples – to get their creative messages across the world but also looking for brands to connect in a meaningful way with the next generation. The content on the TikTok is typically in the shape of videos in seconds of 10 – 15, often accompanied by popular track kinds of music, and also generally entertaining and humorous, so the graph is great for the brands who want to build their a following on this platform. Some social features create the TikTok app as unique, and also any products and brands who want to conquer the app TikTok world wish to search for a new way to utilize them to their benefits and uses.


First off, the page For you (#FYP) is the first screen user will see when they even before registering in or logging to open the app. Algorithmically curated content is available there, and of anything that ends up is bound to get way more exposure here.

TikTok has a license with a lot of things from popular music and gives offers in-app video effects and video editing. The result is the style of signature of video content of vertical that span the whole platform and makes it two are both comfortable and recognizable to replicate. Many products and brands are successful, not by exposing high professional content video, but by using the style handheld amateur of it is target audience itself. 

The heart of the lot of the content published on the TikTok is Hashtag Challenges, and people use to buy realĀ  Tiktok likes for getting more likes/hearts. It is where one creator or user post the specific style video, and also prompts other users via a hashtag to recreate the concept of the video, and each has putting their own unique spin on it. Brands also can sponsor a hashtag challenge, and it is also one example presented to us.

Duets are also a famous way by which people can publish your song rendition or rendition of the video.