The Best Social Media Analytics Platforms For Keeping Tabs On Brand Popularity

March 23, 2023 by No Comments

To what end is social media monitoring carried out?

To begin with, social media monitoring can help you improve your customer service.

It’s far less of a hassle to react to everyone who mentions you online if you have a single location to store all of the remarks. Monitoring platforms like consolidate all of your social media mentions and comments into a single mailbox. This allows you to have a continuous conversation with your target audience without having to constantly flip between different kinds of social media.

Your brand should also take into account the actions of your rivals. That’s why keeping tabs on them is a good idea. There’s an entire section dedicated to this on

Find out how many new followers they’ve gained, how often they publish, which of their updates do the best, and much more.


Hootsuite, like, is a social media management suite that includes monitoring capabilities.

A New Leaf for Social Media

It’s an instrument for monitoring speech activity in order to identify pertinent themes and keywords. In this approach, you can monitor the health of your brand and respond accordingly.

And there’s something else. The Sprout Social platform allows you to identify specialized influencers based on their post-impact activity. All it takes is a little time and effort on your part to transform these key opinion leaders into raving fans of your product.

First, you’ll get access to a mention feed where you can see all of the recent conversations about your brand in one convenient place. Here, you may engage with happy customers in an effort to turn them into raving fans of your company. Or, address criticism before it becomes a major issue.

You can also use it to monitor how often your brand is mentioned and how much that number changes over time. If you want to prevent a social media catastrophe, this can be helpful.

In conclusion, Brand24 provides a statistic known as the influencer score. Knowing which individuals of your audience have the greatest influence on social media is made possible with this score. Finding and recruiting people with influence may do wonders for a brand’s popularity.


You may also track your social media stats and general success with Keyhole, another useful social media tool.

Keyhole doesn’t provide you specific mentions of your brand, but it does let you monitor the results of your campaigns, your relationships with influencers, and the feedback you receive from your customers.

You will have access to the sentiment analysis of your brand across various social media platforms and be able to monitor conversations about it in real time. Keyhole also has the capability to create aesthetically pleasing reports, which is useful if you need to use these findings in a presentation.


Labeling objects in AgoraPulse, whether they be key postings, client feedback, or competitor actions, helps you to keep track of everything in one spot. This will make it simple to find and use them again later.

In addition, AgoraPulse’s search settings let you zero in on the most relevant results while filtering out the rest of the chatter about you online. Boolean operators allow you to refine your search and provide more relevant results.

Promotional Mentions

The business claims that its program can scour the web for any topic and return all relevant results. You may use it to monitor mentions of your company or product everywhere they occur online.

The Social Networking Site, Zoho

In order to keep tabs on brand-related social media mentions, you may use Zoho Social’s social listening dashboard. Using the search columns for mentions and keywords, you can get a sense of how much attention is being paid to your brand.

Additionally, the tool has you covered if you want to know a specific audience member’s interaction history in real time. This means that you can look up the profile of any user and immediately find out how often they have interacted with your business.


While content analysis is where Buzzsumo really shines, it also has some useful social media monitoring features.

Similarly to Brand Mention, it will scour the web for any instances of your search word. To keep tabs on the competition, brand mentions, and industry news, you may set up notifications.

Not just that. Buzzsumo also lets you see how popular the post is across various social media sites.


Mention is a tool that helps businesses and marketing firms track mentions of their names and products throughout the Internet. Mention does more than merely search the internet for data. Mentions from other websites are culled as well, including TripAdvisor, Amazon, Yelp, and more.


One strategy for strengthening connections with your target demographic is to keep an eye on their social media accounts. And the characteristics of the aforementioned tools will allow you to do just that.

If you’re looking for a solution that goes beyond simple monitoring, though, is a good option. is a trusted social media platform used by over 2000 businesses because it streamlines the process of maintaining several social media profiles.