Emerging Tendencies in Social Media-Based Customer Service

March 1, 2023 by No Comments

Increasing numbers of customers are using social media to communicate with brands. An overwhelming majority of social media users (54%) say they have done research, provided comments, or asked for help with a product or service on one of these sites. You can see where this is heading; in today’s market, you can’t afford to ignore the whereabouts of your potential consumers.

For those unfamiliar, explain social media customer service

Providing assistance to clients via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is the essence of social customer service.
Before the advent of the Internet, when the globe was still too huge to fathom, we had to rely on personal recommendations to decide what to buy. Via social media, the same idea persists, although in an exaggerated form.

By making your offerings available on social networking sites, you can (at least somewhat) manage the conversation surrounding your company.

In what ways will the usage of social media in customer service benefit you?

If you own and operate a business of any kind and aren’t already active on social media, you need to get on board immediately. In the event that you do have a presence, you must be actively and progressively responsive. Let me explain why:

Interact with your target audience in real time thanks to social media

As most of us check our phones at least once every five minutes, the potential of social media is almost boundless. There’s a lot on the line for businesses, and many firms recognise the need of being accessible to their customers at all hours via social media; you may want to follow suit.

Also, it’s a breeze to set up a brand-new page, create a custom tab, and upload a storefront or menu to Facebook. Even if you have no intention of responding to comments on your social media postings, those remarks may still be a goldmine of information that can improve your brand’s positioning.

Consumer participation is boosted by social media

Branding is a tricky process that calls for you to cultivate a following and interact with your target audience.

And social media is unparalleled when it comes to interacting with customers. Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn all allow for ongoing, real-time interaction with customers.

You may do whatever you want, from running specials and contests to holding live sessions and quizzes.

As a result of social media, reaction times might be reduced

There is no topic about which customers don’t vent on social media. Their employment, their relationships, and, yes, your goods and service failures may all have an impact on their happiness. And if they’re frustrated enough to post a remark about it, it suggests they’re not alone. The users of the site can read their feedback. They anticipate a rapid response if they include you in a post or send you a DM asking for help with a problem.

Emerging tendencies in social media’s use for customer service

With our newfound knowledge of social media’s function in the field of customer service, let’s examine the developments we may anticipate in this area through the year 2023 and beyond.

Using AI for customer service

The use of AI-enabled bots is a key social media trend, and they will undoubtedly play a significant part in the development of online marketing in the future. Why?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to automate a large proportion of your redundant tasks while also acquiring the ability to learn from its own experiences. This guarantees that all routine jobs will be performed accurately, if not improved.

Genesys and the MIT Technology Review revealed that nearly 91% of the most well-known and successful firms are using AI in some form to enhance their customer service infrastructure. The list includes Alibaba, Nubank, Lexus, and Uber, among others. These companies are leaders in their field, and they’re employing AI techniques to improve the customer service even more.

24/7 customer service

This will always be a fad, whether it’s the year 2023 or ten years from now. We know that 66% of consumers would transfer firms due to bad service, so it’s important to find a company that can meet all of your needs.
Frustration builds when one cannot locate a necessary piece of data. A company’s retention rate will suffer if its owner is unavailable to help current clients.

If you have clients in different time zones, this becomes much more important. If your social media staff is only active during business hours, you will never be reachable by individuals on the other side of the planet.

It’s overkill for a small firm to have a night shift workforce now. You should use social media automation to interact with clients in times when human agents are not accessible.


One of 2021’s most popular ideas is customization. Every company should take advantage of the fact that people use social media to keep up with the brands and topics that most interest them.

Automation in customer care is just one application of the data collected through personalised marketing.

Optimization of Analytical Tools

Successful teams and businesses always evaluate their performance in handling situations and routines. As customer service has progressed throughout the years, so have the metrics used to evaluate success. Companies value social media teams that provide superior customer service.

It’s not hard to figure out how effective something is. The first step is to evaluate the length, speed, and total number of encounters customers had with each agent or group.

Now that you have access to this information, you can see the broad picture: know the strengths and weaknesses of your team, if you are under- or overstaffed, and so on.