How To Leverage Content Marketing On Instagram?

May 16, 2023 by No Comments

Instagram, an app that focuses primarily on images, is demonstrating that a picture is worth more than a thousand words and also a couple dozen actions.

According to research conducted by Forrester, Instagram has provided marketers with 58 times more engagement per user than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter does for their brands.

What does this imply for those who market content online? If you are not currently participating in this trend, you had better start participating right soon.

Using Instagram for content marketing can be done in the following ways:

Exercise some originality in relation to your visuals

It may sound like using the app is straightforward enough—you just take a photo and upload it—but in reality, it’s not that easy. The photos that generate the greatest engagement are those that are well thought out, topical, and original—images like those posted by Burberry, a renowned fashion brand.

The images that you capture need to be crisp and of excellent quality, which means that you have to give thought to the lighting, colour scheme, and equipment that you use. Avoid taking a dull shot of your goods utilising your smartphone when it is sitting on your table in the dim lighting of your business. Instead, snap pictures of your brand in unusual locations and play around with the contrast, framing, and saturation using the built-in editing features of the programme.

Include Context with the Help of Captions

Even if you believe that the photograph you posted to Instagram says everything that needs to be said, adding even a brief caption will make the point even more clear. Because not everyone will be able to look at an image and comprehend what it means, putting it into context with descriptive captions is helpful.

For instance, the well-known California clothing manufacturer Pacsun uses subtitles to great advantage in order to provide additional context to their photos that are not primarily focused on the products that they sell.

Make consistent posts

You won’t be able to keep your following or develop it up any further if you only post an image once a month. You should make it a priority to publish new content on a regular basis, and you should even create a timetable to monitor your progress towards this objective. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule will keep the interest of consumers, help establish a following, and add to your authority.

A well-known brand like Taco Bell has found that posting an image on a regular basis has contributed significantly to the company’s success. Approximately 20,000 people like each photograph, and 500 people comment on each one.

Use and create hashtags that are relevant to your posts

Instagram, much like Twitter and Facebook, makes use of hashtags, which allow users to construct relevant image collections that they can search through and navigate. When you use a hashtag that is pertinent to your post, you will help expand your reach beyond the people who are already following you and enhance your chances of involvement.

For instance, the lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret utilises Instagram to increase interaction during its annual fashion show by uploading photographs with the hashtag #VSFashionShow. You can find these posts in the Instagram feed. This hashtag’s simplicity, together with the fact that it’s associated with a brand and an event, contributes to the high levels of engagement it receives.

Get your brand’s community involved

The content that you post to Instagram is not the end of the road when it comes to building a successful campaign. It is essential that you, as well as your followers, participate actively in the community that your brand is working to establish. This can be easily accomplished by responding to comments left by followers, following influential people in the respective fields, and mentioning such people in postings.

User-generated content is yet another method by which Instagram enables you to accomplish your goal. You can establish a hashtag, then request that your followers submit a particular kind of image along with the hashtag, and then repost the material that your followers have posted to your account. Brands like Benefit Cosmetics leverage Instagram’s user-generated content (UGC) capabilities to establish closeness with their target audiences while simultaneously advertising their products and receiving content from their followers.