The Reels feature of Instagram was in try-out for some time now. With the existence of the social media platform TikTok, the parent company of Instagram, Facebook has started out their new feature Reels, which permits users to film fifteen-second videos. The Reels feature of Reels can be found in the camera section of Instagram. Users can add external audio, filters, and AR effects to the video and upload Reels on their Explore feed and feed. Buying Instagram Reels comments will help you to get more comments for your videos. 

Finally, Instagram has started rolling out its new feature Reels to users in India. The feature Reels brings comparable functionality to the social media application TikTok. Reels permit the users to make videos on the application, add music and creative filters and share Reels with their fans, and more. 

Like the social media platform TikTok, users will be capable of making fifteen-second videos with famous music, current trends, or challenges. The newest Instagram feature permits users to film video, add music and filters and share it far away.  You can search for music in the music catalog of Instagram. Instagram Reels can be shared in the personal feed and on the Explore page.


The option Reels is available in the camera of Instagram, and this is the same place as the slow-motion, rewind videos, boomerang, and more. Users will have to open the camera of Instagram and choose the Reels to begin making fifteen-second videos. Reels gives various options to use timer, effects, and use audio from the music library of Instagram, mainly like the TikTok application. 

Users can pick the target audience they want to share their Reels with before posting a Reels; unlike Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels can also be shared in the section “Explore”; this section will be permitted to be viewed by everyone on the Instagram platform.

The new interface brings a new level of freedom and expansiveness of adding more media to videos. The video shooting page allows you to put timer functionality, effects, change video speed effects, and audio. On the Explore page, you can discover the videos posted by the other users. Reels feature also provides many Augumented Reality effects permitting users to add a special touch to their videos. To put Augumented Reality effects in your videos, you can open the camera of Reels and then go to the effects option and them Augumented Reality (AR) effects.

Users will be able to shoot multi fifteen-second Reels, it can also be shot at once, and the various effects can be added to individual clips post the shoot. The Instagram Reels can be re-recorded, deleted, and reviewed. The “Use audio” Instagram Reels also provides an option; this option allows the users to use other original audio to make their Reels. Create Instagram Reels of yours by going to the Instagram camera and choose the Reels option at the foot of the screen.