5 Quick Tips & Tricks To Shoot Up Your Instagram Reach

Do you want to lift your reach on Instagram?

Then, you need to stick with some effective techniques.

Instagram is the most celebrated social media app, plenty of marketers using Instagram to enhance their business. To succeed in your business, then try to maximize your reach and boost visibility for your account.

Let’s see a few promising tactics which help you to increase your Instagram reach.

Come Up With New & Trending Hashtags 

Hashtags have tremendous power to provide visibility to your content. No matter if your target audience follows your account or not, it will display your post in front of them. When you use new hashtags for your Instagram posts, you could expand your reach fastly. Ensure it is relevant to your content. 

Spend time to analyze what type of hashtags are mostly used by your target audience. Check out popular and trending hashtags. Research all those factors, then frame your hashtags related to your business and brands. If you want to increase your brand exposure, you can create something specifically for your brands. You can add up to 30 hashtags for your feed post, but it must connect each other and bind with the content.

Post At Best Time 

There is no hidden secret that posting at best times receives more reach and engagement to your posts.So don’t just post at random times without any analysis. This practice will end up in bad results. Remember, you have to find out multiple peak times to post your content.Not all your followers are active but, depending on their lifestyle, their online will vary.Some people will be more active on Monday at 3 PM, some Monday at 9 PM. So try to figure your follower’s active time on Instagram. You can discover your audience time using Instagram analytics.

Ensure all your content posts at a variety of peak times. This will help to get most of your audience’s eyesight.Posting at the best times gives you tons of engagement to your posts.

Do More Live Videos

Did you know? Live videos are a great asset to gain more reach on Instagram.

Live videos are the greatest tool to generate excitement and engagement among your audience,

Moreover, if you start to live immediately, your followers get notifications about your live. On the other hand, live videos on public profiles give bags of visibility on Instagram’s explore page.

It is an excellent method to spread your reach; you can get many new users to your account through this.

Offer Interesting Content

Suppose your goal is to expand your reach and to gain audience attention. Then posting interesting content is mandatory.It will create a significant impact on your content. Trust me, posting engaging content will boost Instagram Impressions and audience attention.

Before creating content, analyze your audience’s preferences and identify their favorite or exciting content. Check-in which type of content they spend their maximum time on.Depending on their interest, frame your content. Also, experiment with different kinds of content, check which works for your audience.

Make Use Of Ads 

If you want instant reach and exposure to your account, then go for Instagram ads. You have so many options to choose your ads. Like,

  • Single image ads
  • Video ads
  • Mobile app download ads
  • Instagram story ads 


Instagram is one of the mind-blowing platforms for all brands and marketers to grow their business. Instagram reach is easily measured with Instagram analytics’s help; it will show the number of times people engage with your post. Using this data, you can calculate your Instagram reach. To increase your Instagram reach, you need to follow the techniques like using the right hashtags, posting at peak times, engaging with your audience. I hope that the tips mentioned above will guide you to expand your Instagram reach.