Instagram – Best platform to share content

Instagram is a trending photo and video sharing social networking platform. It enables the user to post different content on their profile and share it with users all over the globe. It can be downloaded from any platform whether ios, android or windows. Instagram is pretty popular among the youngsters as it provides them with various options to connect with their friends and relatives. Users can also Buy Instagram Story Views to increase the reach of stories in which they share links of news and content on various other social media platforms. Users just need to tap on the link, and he will land into the content of that link. There are multiple ways to share a link through Instagram.

Different ways to share links on Instagram

Add the link to your Instagram bio:

Whenever any user opens your account, the first thing he will see is your profile picture and your bio. Adding a link to your bio is excellent to attract users towards the link. Instagram bio is the only place where private and public account both can share any link. Even if your account is private, users can easily access the link without even following you. People use bio for different purposes. Some brands link their website to the link; others change their bio regularly to keep the users updated with the latest content.

Use a link service to add multiple links:

Users can add multiple links in an attractive way and present it to the users. Users can choose different designs and layouts of the links and represent the links in the form of clickable buttons. Choose a unique design to create a unique identity of yourself. It will make your link more relevant and more users will visit it.

Share links in the post captions:

Users cannot share a direct link in the captions, but they can post the instructions which will direct the user towards the live link. They can use them to attract the viewer’s attention and can even enhance the reach of the post by using selected, trending hashtags in the caption. Users must share short links and write crystal clear instructions in the caption so that the viewer can easily find the live link and view your content.

Add swipe-up links to your Instagram story:

Instagram stories is the latest and most popular feature of Instagram. It is a straightforward and interactive feature. Users engage with stories more than the posts. It is a great place to share essential and time-sensitive content such as flash sales, brand promotions and giveaways. Users can even interact with their followers by holding weekly Q&A sessions. Any link can be added to the story and viewers will see swipe up button that will take them to your content directly. Some users even Buy Instagram Story Views to attract more users to their views.

Create links in shoppable posts:

Users can add specific links with their posts. The link is related to the product shown in the posts. Tapping on the link will directly lead the user to the product and help them to purchase it.