The Power of Your Instagram Close Friends: A Marketing Goldmine

March 8, 2023 by No Comments

Identify the best strategies for promoting products through Instagram stories using Close Friends.
The Close Friends feature, launched by Instagram in 2018, allows users to share exclusive material with a select group of pals.
Since then, everyday users and influential people have relied heavily on this function. You’ve undoubtedly observed that business and brand accounts don’t make full use of the features.

Here, we’ll examine the many ways in which companies may benefit from including Near and Dear characters into narratives.

Instagram: How to Make a Close Friends List?

With Instagram’s Close Friends function, you can choose to share your story with only a select group of individuals.

Starting a new tale from scratch will reveal a star symbol at the screen’s footer, which you may use to add people to your Close Friends list. Choose it and then choose that option from the menu that appears. Since the list hasn’t been made yet, Instagram will suggest that you build it.

To begin, select a user from the drop-down menu or begin typing their usernames and press the Get Started button.

You may also go to your profile page on Instagram and select Close Friends from the menu that appears after you click the three vertical dots in the top right.

If you wish to add individuals, you can either type in their usernames or select them from Instagram’s suggested users and then tap the Add button. There is now a list of your closest friends.

Create a new story as you usually would, apply any filters and captions you like, and then click the star symbol at the bottom of the page to publish it to your Close Friends list. This is it! Only select users can see your article.

Those you added will now see your update in a green circle, rather than the previous violet gradient.

No one will be informed of their removal from the list, even if you delete them.

Who Can Be Added to Your Inner Circle?

Instagram’s Close Friends feature is ideal for sending private messages to your most loyal followers and customers. Nevertheless, before you can add anyone to the Close Friends list, you’ll need to specify who may see private content.

One friend list is all you get, so be selective.

Keep in mind that the people you may and should include are heavily dependent on your objectives, and that you should apply the “one list, one set of objectives” guideline while compiling your lists.

For instance, you may invite the following types of clients and collaborators to join your private Instagram community:

Distributors, Promoters, and Partners

In order to keep your brand ambassadors up-to-date, encouraged, and engaged, add them to your Close Friends list. You may inform your affiliates of forthcoming special webinars, as well as modifications to your affiliate programme and novel methods to earn money with your brand, by using this method.

High-Stakes Clientele

The allure of rarity increases interest. That you need an invite to join the new social network Clubhouse is one reason why it has become so popular so quickly. The Instagram “Close Friends” list functions in a similar vein.

A social media post announcing the launch of a limited-access programme (a contest, for instance) with the winners invited to join the Close Friends group is a great approach to drum up interest from potential customers and supporters.

After there, you may send out limited-time drops, organise webinars, and provide discounts to members.


If you’re an employer looking to foster a sense of camaraderie and brand loyalty among your staff, you may do so by inviting them to join the group and updating them on corporate happenings, as well as sharing memes and insider information with the group.

Tips for Putting Your Close Friend List to Work for You in Business and Promotion

Using Instagram’s Close Friends list in this way might help you establish a sense of exclusivity for your company:

Offerings of exclusive discounts and deals

Provide complimentary samples of your product or service, free coaching sessions if applicable, early access to new offerings, or special discounts to your most engaged customers.

Whenever someone comments on your tale or uses a story sticker, you may add them to a Close Friends list and send them the special offer.

Access to past sales data or previews of forthcoming offerings are also viable options.

Taking part in an Instagram challenge or marathon

You may invite people who are interested in participating in an Instagram marathon or challenge (weight reduction, sketching, etc.) by adding them to the Close Friends list. You may give your plan a more game-like feel by rewarding the winners and punishing those who didn’t play by the rules, and removing those who didn’t qualify from the list.

Exclusive membership only club

Customers who spent more than a certain amount on your items should be added to this list so that you may send them special promotions, discounts, and access to exclusive information like behind-the-scenes looks and coupon codes for in-store purchases. You may, rather, provide these clients with previews of the goods or services you plan to introduce soon.

Incentives for devoted fans

Show your appreciation for the people who have liked your posts, commented on them, and otherwise engaged with your brand’s page. Share user-generated content (UGC) on your items, or reward your most loyal customers with discounts, secret sweepstakes, or special announcements.

Working along with key opinion leaders

The Close Friends list may also be used to form strategic alliances with influential people and prominent bloggers.

Include the influencers you wish to collaborate with or already do so that they may benefit from your brand loyalty and successful promotion through access to exclusive deals, updates on new features, and discounts.