Get social this February and shake things up!

May 22, 2023 by No Comments

The long-awaited February edition of the Promotional Content Calendar has finally arrived! While February’s short length has its perks (it brings us closer to paycheck! ), it also means that we have to pack more into the same amount of time, which may be stressful. That’s why a tried-and-true method for reaching a big audience with less resources is to employ innovative material that has previously been proven effective.

A small shift like experimenting with different video durations may have a big impact. Your advertisement’s very essence is set by how long it runs. It has as big of an impact on your audience as the actual tone, film, or message.

Think about how your viewing habits change between a 20-minute TV broadcast and a three-part film. At various times of the day, certain demographics are drawn to various categories. The same holds true for online material; thus, we must take into account the various social media audiences before settling on a video length for our company.

Here are three common categories to remember:

The Fast Readers: While waiting for their coffee in the morning, they skim the news for the most important stories.
The Reboots: They’ve been working nonstop all day and may use a little distraction between sprints to prevent cognitive fatigue.
The Dedicated: These people are dedicated social media users who browse for the purpose of scrolling. It’s not just something they do for a few minutes to pass the time; rather, they intentionally set aside this time to do it.
If any of this seems familiar, it’s because at some point in our lives, everyone of us has been each of the three types of social media users described here. In order to maximise exposure, your video marketing plan should appeal to all three types of viewers—quick browsers, rebooters, and investors.

Our beautiful Quick Browsers will adore these little morsels of content. It’s just something amusing to look at for a second while they’re killing time online. These brief clips typically include the latest fads or lightheartedly inspiring themes. It’s like waving your users farewell as they rush off to continue their busy days.

The best part about posting Snackable Videos is that they are simple to create, making it easy to keep up a steady supply of content. Their brevity also prevents them from being too much or too bothersome. Everyone benefits.

These meditative pauses come at the perfect time for your Reboots. Working all day might cause mental tiredness, so when Reboots need to clear their heads, they take a break and engage in some social media. Refreshers of 30 seconds are just long enough to distract them without completely derailing their work.

These 30-second mental resets can cover a wide range of subjects; the videos simply need to be interesting enough to pull the viewer’s attention away from whatever is bothering them. Business tips, interesting information, inspiring quotations, and interesting facts are all good choices for your next article.

Those that are “Invested” in their social media use are dedicated to finding engaging content. Since most material loses its appeal quickly, people are always browsing to find something new to like. Your video must be riveting enough to have them stop their reflexive scrolling and watch it for the whole minute. For this purpose, it is important that the video provides viewers with a healthy amount of both enjoyment and knowledge.

Unique information, such as a whole tale or useful business advice, should be the focus of your scroll-stoppers. Discovering a festival or day when a certain online phenomenon was popular is a terrific approach to draw readers in. Make a movie with fun facts from the day or a quiz game to see how well they know the topic.

Transforming the month of February!

The duration of a video may have appeared like a matter of taste in the past, but recent research suggests that it really has a significant effect on the video’s content and usefulness. If you start uploading films of varied durations, you’ll attract all three of target your audiences.