How To Boost Your Sales On Instagram?

May 19, 2023 by No Comments

Increasing Instagram revenue is a primary priority for any social media marketer. More and more shoppers are using Instagram as a shopping resource, so companies need to figure out how to make social commerce work for them.

There are nearly a billion people that use Instagram, and of those people, 80% or more are shoppers. Over half of consumers report making a purchase after discovering it on social media.

Consumers are motivated by brands with active Instagram accounts. Consumers are more likely to interact with brands on Instagram if they believe the brands to be innovative and timely.

How To Use Instagram To Make More Money?

Brands can increase sales on Instagram because sixty percent of its users visit the site daily (and browse products). Here are some of our best recommendations for boosting Instagram sales.

Make images that others can’t help but look at
Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular online buying channels. To what end? More than one-third of consumers say they’ve made a purchase based on a brand’s Instagram post. Instagram users are notoriously impatient, so captivating visuals are essential if you want to capture their attention and prompt a purchase.

Express’s Instagram post that received over four times as many likes and comments as its average received.

Label your goods and put them on display

Product tagging is the best technique to aid buyers in locating your goods. When a user taps on a tag, they can get more information about the item and even make a purchase without leaving the app. The most popular businesses on Instagram use product tags five or more times each month, which increases traffic to their product pages and ultimately their sales.

Instagram posts, stories, Reels, videos, and Instagram Live are all great places to promote your products. Since a significant percentage of Instagram users (about 25%) like to shop there. In addition, having things tagged makes it simpler for shoppers to make a purchase. When presented with a product’s tag, nearly 40% of shoppers are more likely to make an immediate purchase.

Examine what your rivals are doing that you like

Keeping an eye on what other sellers are doing on Instagram is a great approach to learn how to boost your own sales. Nearly all businesses (96%) admit to monitoring rival businesses’ social media pages for clues about how to improve their own.

When examining a rival’s Instagram page, what information should you prioritise? The frequency, timing, and nature of their postings. Approximately how many user-generated posts are there for every professionally shot product photo? I’m curious as to what they’re labelling. Check out which posts are getting the most attention. And whether the company is engaging with customers’ feedback and inquiries.

Rely on influential people

Many consumers have admitted to making purchases on Instagram based on the recommendations of influencers because they regard them to be more trustworthy and genuine than other forms of marketing.

Lisa Rinna is just one of the many influencers who have collaborated with the glam bag cosmetics firm Ipsy; the actress recently posted a video of her lip regimen to the company’s Instagram channel.

Keep tabs on the stuff that is generating the most interest

You need to know what is and isn’t helping your Instagram sales if you want to make more money using the platform. Whether it’s brand-owned material, influencer posts, or user-generated content, it’s important to maintain tabs on which Instagram content creates the most interaction and revenue.

Brand accounts on Instagram are prioritised by Instagram’s algorithm based on three criteria:

  • If a user is already engaged with a brand through previous interactions (such as liking, commenting, or messaging), that company’s account will be surfaced in their feeds.
  • Instagram’s feeds and stories focus heavily on content posted recently.
  • The most popular articles and sections will rise to the top.
  • Improve the overall in-app shopping experience, not just the purchasing process
  • These days, shoppers anticipate being able to buy anything they want, whenever they want, and wherever they happen to be using their mobile devices. Using the Bazaarvoice Social Commerce tools, marketers can easily transform their Instagram accounts into shopping destinations replete with captivating and motivational content.

The Like2Buy “link in bio” solution enables customers to easily shop your Instagram feed, watch your stories, and interact with your brand in any way they see fit.

Create compelling calls to action

Instagram users are more likely to take notice of your merchandise if you post eye-catching photographs. However, shoppers are prompted to take action by captions and CTAs, such as making a purchase, checking out your website, or even just liking the post. A better CTR can be achieved with well-written copy.

Short and extended captions that show off the brand’s voice, provide entertainment, and motivate consumers to take action are used by the most successful companies. When creating captions, it’s important to consider who will be reading them and what hashtags they might use.

Sharing Instagram posts on other platforms

The incredible Instagram content you produce is not limited to that platform. Put it in your emails, social media posts, and on your website to boost sales and engagement.
Bazaarvoice Galleries allows you to easily integrate content from Instagram and other social media platforms into your marketing strategy. When consumers engage with photographs showcased via Galleries, we notice a 150% uptick in conversions. Consumers’ time spent on brand sites grows by a factor of 250, and the average order value increases by 15%. Consumers are motivated to learn more about your products and to see how they might work in their own lives thanks to user-generated content.

Read our case study on River Island to find out how they increased conversions by 184% by including engaging social content into their online platform.