A Look At The 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Newbies

May 24, 2023 by No Comments

But understanding the meaning of the phrase isn’t enough to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Choosing the best affiliate marketing platform is step one.

Five percent to twenty five percent of a brand’s internet revenue might come through affiliate marketing. As affiliate marketing grows in popularity, more and more options become available.

Some provide more convenient payment terms or interest rates, while others have superior monitoring resources.

Top Websites for Newcomers to Affiliate Marketing

A website where retailers may publish their deals is called an affiliate marketing platform. Affiliates sign up for these networks to advertise merchants’ products in exchange for a cut of the sales they generate.

Associates of Amazon

Publishers and bloggers may now earn money from the material they share on social media and their blogs.

The Amazon Associates programme welcomes producers from every imaginable field because of the company’s ubiquitous brand recognition and the millions of goods it sells.

The increased possibility of a commission is the finest element about Amazon Associates. When a consumer clicks on an affiliate’s link, the affiliate earns a commission on any purchases made by the customer during that session, regardless of whether or not those purchases were related to the product the affiliate promoted.


ShareASale is a leading affiliate network that rivals Amazon Associates by providing access to affiliate programmes from over 25,000 different retailers.

Affiliates may access their data and create connections for specific goods from a single dashboard on the site. If you’re utilising paid advertising to encourage clicks, this is especially crucial, as those expenses might eat into your commissions.

ShareASale is home to affiliate programmes for both tangible goods like clothing and home appliances and intangible goods like software and games. Software, songs, games, and WordPress templates are just few of the many types of programmes available.


Awin, formerly Affiliate Window, connects you with over 25,000 retailers. Although ShareASale purchased Awin in 2017, the two platforms continue to operate separately with various retailers.

Using Awin, you may promote a wide variety of well-known brands including AliExpress, UnderArmour, Hyatt, and StubHub. The $5 registration fee serves as a deposit and will be applied to your account after your application has been accepted.

Advertisements on Rakuten

Affiliate marketers may now promote major companies including Lilly Pulitzer, Best Buy, Papa John’s, Walmart, Ecco, Wells Fargo, and Virgin Holidays through Rakuten Advertising. In its 25 years of service, the site has attracted over 1.2 billion users and processed over 200 million orders.

To aid advertisers in making educated choices, Rakuten Advertising compiles consumer data and top-tier insight. The platform allows marketers to apply proven methods to capitalise on new media trends.


Digital products including eBooks, software, and other downloadable things are well-suited to the ClickBank affiliate marketing platform. It’s a terrific opportunity to dip your toes into the affiliate marketing world with little outlay of cash.

ClickBank, in contrast to ShareASale and Rakuten, favours independent sellers rather than household names. These stores may not be household names worldwide, but they are excellent for targeting certain demographics.

The site has a simple signup process and does not cost anything to use. However, before marketing them, you should make sure they are of great quality.

How Much Money Is Possible to Make with These Affiliate Programmes?

According to a Statista report, 57.55 percent of affiliate marketers make less than $10,000 a year from their efforts. While 4% of marketers make over $150,000 every year, 1 in 6 make over $50,000.

Affiliate marketing is rife with dos and don’ts; if you’re serious about making a profit, you’ll need a well-thought-out plan.

Choosing the correct product and audience to advertise it to is crucial for getting the most of these affiliate marketing networks. Selecting items with larger commissions as a means to boost revenue is another option.

Commission rates for digital items are often greater than those for their physical counterparts. To maximise your earnings potential, it is recommended that you promote digital items on your blog or website.

Email marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing are just a few examples of available advertising channels. You may expand your audience and do more precise advertising with their support.

Closing Remarks

Affiliate marketing success hinges on picking the best affiliate marketing platform for newcomers. Pick a service that caters to the stores and goods that your demographic has the most interest in.

Make sure there are tools like analytics, tracking, and reporting available to assist you evaluate the platform’s efficacy.